Currency Crypt About This Project

This is a time of great turbulence and upheaval, in terms of both Geo-political conflicts and of course great social unrest: whenever we experience such times the financial markets reflect this set of conditions, both locally and of course the global community.

An astute observer of history will discern that the financial markets are critically linked with the fortunes and outcomes of the major economies of the world, that is because all economies are equally affected by the price of energy, countries are only able to execute on their ambitions if they have free access to cheap energy, and in these times of anti-human ‘Green’ political sabotage of energy providers those ambitions have been universally thwarted.

Until we are able to assure the provision of affordable energy, all of the major economies will suffer, for it is a wicked lie that we can produce energy through the so-called ‘renewable technologies’, the wind farms and millions of rural acres wasted in the pursuit of the wattages required to keep our modern cities functioning from solar electricity simply cannot be sustained: the environmental devastation these renewable technologies wreak on our world bring misery, suffering and death to the people: energy levels easily obtained from coal/gas & oil fired power plants cannot be matched by these ‘Green’ methods, that is the truth, but those political groups who have fallen to the lies of the World Economical Forum (WEF) are deaf and blind to the truth. Until the vast numbers of the ‘silent majority’ finally awaken and demand intelligent action from our political class we are doomed to fall prey to global warfare and massive social disruption caused by the scarcity of cheap energy.

Amidst all of this global chaos and pessimism we have the ‘Crypto’ currencies, of which Bitcoin is the most impressive and capable of becoming a true decentralized store of great value: but only as long as the electricity flows!

We are faced with times when those who can truly control the production of electricity shall rule this planet and its populations, and this is actually the objective of the ‘Green Billionaires’ – a massively misguided and insane bunch of people, with zero moral/ethical values.

Anyway, before we reach the new ‘dark ages’ we have the possibility of gaining some wealth, for this is the true intentions of most who aspire to understand Crypto currencies, we also have the moral ‘white knights’ who can see the great potential of a decentralized monetary system. This project is one of joining with Max Keiser in promoting resistance to the insanity of the ‘Green brigade’, and to inform, educate and assist ordinary people to understand what is happening in our world. Much is spoken about ‘journalistic integrity’ but we see precious little of this among the crypto blogging community, is a genuine attempt to foster good journalism.

Some may scoff at this and consider it ‘quaint’ but if nobody takes a stand and inscribes a line in the sand where the nonsense cannot cross, we are doomed to become prey, and enslaved to a mob of anti-human, cynical profiteers with no moral compass, or backbone.

This project might be a modest drop in the ocean of despair and untrammeled ambitions to defeat humanity, but we know that drops can become a deluge, we know this very well. Anyway, before I embark on a crescendo of word-smithery, perhaps you can share this domain with others who might be quirky, geeky, slightly eccentric types, it is still growing and becoming something.