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Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and the schtick from Hollywood creepster films, I am certain you know this niche, we all grew up with horror movies and that whole spin. This little section is different, Mike takes you off the mainstream flow of Cryptocurrency yawnsville, and the oh-so predictable swamp of financial avarice, and internet money dreams. Tales from the Crypt will bring you oddities, and remarkable stories from the world of Crypto, this is a unique little corner of the Web, cosy, creepy and dark (perhaps). There is no other Currency Crypt, welcome, just join me down these stone steps, relax, don’t worry..

Dreams Of Avarice

Back in 2009, and when Bitcoin first made an entrance onto the global Web cultural stage, the world was a very different place to what we all experience today.

I think many of us are existing in a state of perpetual shock, and we have been since the Internet was first presented as being the singular development of the 21st Century which has transported and enabled the Western world to live out its dream of the ‘Future’.

Let me elaborate just a little, perhaps you do not think along these lines, perhaps you just accept the WWW and believe it to be the reality that has to be.

As Candide always proclaimed: “This is the best of all possible worlds!” but we each know in our heart that this is definitely not the best of all possible worlds, we are not even within sight of such an ideal.

The world of Star Trek-Next Generation shows us a very idealised version of this future humanity, a union of planets and galactic cooperation between entirely different cultures and species, I admire Gene Roddenbury and his very positive vision for humanity; I think Gene took the spirit of progression and enlightenment he personally admired in human history and projected how these might unfold through time, we gain glimpses of the struggles from the 21st Century, the atomic war which we seem to think is inevitable at some point, our massive struggle once this has destroyed the previous civilisation and our emergence onto the stage of galactic cooperation (with help from the Vulcan race).

Many of us view Cryptocurrency as being the next stage, the very next development towards a community which no longer struggles to acquire currency, as being the prime reason for existing and working, to becoming a more mature and compassionate species, one that aspires towards technical and philosophical excellence in equal measure. While the embodiment of this future type can be understood in Picard, a man who speaks with the clarity of a Shakespeare actor and possesses all of the refinement and studied habits of an academic specialist, is also a technologist, diplomat and collegiate leader.

We are at a certain stage in our development, the babble of social media, with its covert opportunities for sniping, and anonymously competing with each other is a strong indication that we are still warlike, hostile and destructive with one another, our society is founded on the principle of competition, and demonstrating our superiority to each other, we are compelled to fight. An observer from another world might gain a considerable insight from our web platforms, they would invariably conclude that we are barbarous, certainly, but we have small communities where this hostile and ultra competitive disposition is tempered and controlled, where learning and aspiration towards peace and harmonious coexistence is nurtured. Can we subdue the warriors and psychopaths enough?

Book Learning & Street Smarts

Back a few years I recall it being said that it has never been less valuable to be ‘book smart’ than in the present times. I tend to agree with this sentiment because the access we all have to core knowledge is now unprecedented, if you want to know how to repair a lawn mower engine, or brew some beer, distill some whisky at home, if you need to know how to repair a household appliance, or fix your computer problem you have access to all of this knowledge using your mobile phone.

Certainly, the more extended and specialised forms of knowledge remain esoteric to the layman, but even here we all have the potential to discover the general gist of abstruse and recondite topics.

The Word Wide Web has definitely upped the game, it has smashed all previous attempts to render communications exclusive, it has destroyed the middle-man empires in a steady progression.

The library of Alexandria has always represented the idea that humanity has lost more wisdom and technical know-how than it has since gained, there are tantalizing anomalies which imply we have gone around the cosmic block more times than the academics would care to admit to, or are allowed to consider.

There have been many individuals who have inspired us, Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, for example, who have illuminated our path for a time or even provided meaningful intellectual infrastructure that has enabled humanity to progress, to lean further out into the deep mysteries of this universe. If you have a mind to, you can read all of these individual’s work, you can access materials that were once carefully concealed in dusty sections of the major universities, or quietly discussed behind the ivory towers of major league institutions – all openly presented on URL’s not commonly visited by the social media rabbles.

We can even discover people who are not broadly accepted into the polite circles of ‘consensus’ knowledge; the mavericks and brave souls who disagree with the erudite authorities, and the bastions  and gate keepers of professional discourse. 

Take Arthur M Young as one example.

If you are diligent, and like to delve a little deeper into the archives, if you are dissatisfied with the benign assurances and accepted wisdom of your college professors and other “experts”, you might discover that Arthur M Young is grudgingly acknowledged as being the key developer of the modern Helicopter.

We know that the concept of a helicopter was imagined long ago, we have all seen the sepia drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci for such a craft, and we also know that the helicopter was ‘invented’ quite some time ago, however what we probably do not know is that nobody could get the helicopter to work in the practical sense!

Sure, people could assemble a helicopter type craft, it could ascend and return to the ground – but prior to the persistent work of Arthur M Young these nascent designs were useless for any kind of applied navigation, you could not fine-tune your flight, or get the aeroplane to function in any meaningful way.

Arthur Young spent the main part of his young life building models, and revising designs, he invented the means for the revolving blades to be adjusted in real time, the means to stabilise and finely control the flight characteristics; Arthur Young developed the first workable, and practically useful design for a modern Helicopter. This became the BELL 47, the very first commercially licensed Helicopter to be used, prior to this no Helicopter-type craft was in regular useful service.

Very few of us are made aware of this man, the first man to fully develop the helicopter, enabling a military and domestic usage that we all take very much for granted today; this is because once Arthur Young had completed his helicopter, and sold the patent to BELL (making him very rich indeed) he pursued science in a very specific, unique way, a way that the established science people found disagreeable.

You can gain a good overview of Arthur Young’s ideas from this brilliant documentary, produced in the 1980’s.

Why do I present this?

Because this man has been smudged out of academic history, he was a brilliant, creative and unique thinker. I would like to wager that you have never heard of Arthur M Young, you haven’t have you?

This man challenged the ideas of Einstein, he knew Einstein’s work very well because he was the first American intellectual to actually learn about Relativity, the people at Princeton University had to build a special course for Arthur Young, because there were so few mathematicians who understood what Einstein was talking about.

Arthur Young has been quietly forgotten, because he offered ideas outside of the narrow path of the mainstream, he is accorded a superficial respect for his unbelievable contributions with the Helicopter, he was able to make it work when nobody else could; Arthur Young’s genius with engineering and practical physics gave us the liberty and power of the helicopter; for Young the helicopter was the tangible fruit of an idea, a concept for the flight of the human soul.

We need to know about the work which followed the helicopter, this is the real work Arthur Young wanted to complete, to avert the impending disaster of nuclear war and self destruction humanity seems hell bent of following.

Why are our children not told of Arthur Young, why does he not appear in science text books and higher learning courses?

The answer to that question represents the dreadful condition our society is in. Arthur Young is one of the most brilliant men in recent history, and yet he has been smudged out of our sight, ask yourself why that is, I can recommend looking more deeply into this man’s work, and what he has to say to us.

Climate Disinformation & Bitcoin

Electrical energy from magic sources
C02 and so-called Greenhouse gasses have become the common language of anti-science

We are being constantly hectored, and lectured to by activists, and those people who support the WEF, and other ‘Green’ corrupt ideologues that our climate is being damaged and irreparably ruined by human activity, C02 levels are historically very high and Methane and other so-called ‘Greenhouse gasses’ contribute towards warming the planet, changing the climate in a negative way. Just how true are these claims, is our cliumate designed to favour humanity, and exist at an ideal and optimum condition?

Of course not! The climate of planet Earth has always been undergoing variations and extreme changes, the level of carbon dioxide has been radically higher in previous epochs, along with other extreme climatic shifts, ice ages, interglacial warming periods (which we are currently living in) and very warm periods. We know that the global climate has massive variations depending on geography, depending on solar cycles, cosmic radiation, we also know that vast cycles are in operation; periods of time which dwarf the lifespan of humanity.

Unless you are a biblical fundamentalist, you will understand that our climate is not designed for human life, it just so happens humanity is able to flourish in interglacial time periods more favourably than in ice-ages, for example. The way these climate alarmists speak is a huge insult to our intelligence: they seem to operate within a lie, that human beings have destroyed the ideal climate of Earth, our climate has no interest in affairs, it is governed and influenced by forces well beyond humanity to control.

Really the WEF, and the Biden administration are blatant liars, depending on the ignorance and lack of scientific education among the young and those people who are not educated. I get that people feel concern, and a natural anger that corporate entities pollute, and profit by their pollution, however industrial pollution and exploitation of resources have nothing to do with climate, they are entirely separate subjects.

Bitcoin is said to contribute to ‘climate change’ because of the enormous electrical power needed to mine Bitcoin, but this is just wrong, the quantities of power used by Bitcoin miners is insignificant when compared with other industries, Aluminium smelting for example, plus the true fact is our climate is not being influenced by human actions, the recent eruptions of volcanoes have belched more C02 into the atmosphere than the the entire history of human industry; even if C02 were a genuine ‘greenhouse gas’, which it isn’t.

We need to bring these anti-science WEF types to heel, along with King Charles and his billionaire Green mates, they don’t know what they are talking about, their objectives are to impose anti-human policies and repress the ordinary people of this world: WEF must be disbanded, along with the Bilderberg club, and the Green movement, let true science triumph once again.

Crypto VS Central Bank Digital Currencies

Digital currency is not all equal some types are to be avoided
Absolute Control Over Your Spending Freedoms Is Their Objective

You may have heard talk of the American banking folks proposing what they describe as the “Digital Dollar” and perhaps you just equate this with all of the so-called Crypto revolution, except what they are putting up is nowhere near the same thing as BitCoin, in fact it is the philosophical opposite of BTC, for one distinctive reason: the Digital Dollar is a centralized, fully controlled currency, whereas Bitcoin is de-centralized and widely distributed, nobody owns the means to operate Bitcoin, it is anonymous, fully ‘freedom optimized’ – what the criminals in the ‘Fed’ are proposing is a fully controlled means to determine when, and if you can transact!

You might think I am overstating the case here, or indulging in some hyperbole, I can assure you I am simply describing the truth.

The Blockchain is an egalitarian project, it has no interest in how you transact, or where & when you spend your currency, the criminal cabal which is being directed from the World Economic Forum is determined to bring society to heel, and to tell you if you are eligible to spend your bank credits, so long as you are compliant, have all your injections, bow down to the ‘Trans agenda’ and do not post ‘hate speech’ on social media, or otherwise disturb the equilibrium; do you want to be a fully controlled vassal of the state, or do you wish to live free and without ideological restrictions on your earning/spending capabilities?

Unless people truly wake up to this, and say “NO” to the centralized digital currencies which is commencing to be rolled out in as early as June 2023 we are destined for a true dystopian tyranny that no fictional account has even dreamed of.

Buy gold/silver/Platinum, and precious stones if you like, invest with BitCoin, or any of the Crypto options, use your cash fiat money widely also, but don’t allow this central digital currency project to gain traction: really, don’t let this happen.

Apocalypso At The End of Time

Has humanity reached its end point?
Even the most insulated of people understand that the stakes are really critical

You really don’t need me to tell you that our world is in grave peril, but this peril has nothing to do with the climate, or anything of this nature, it is down to the utter malfeasance of Western so-called “Elites”.

At the moment the outrageous crime perpetrated on humanity by the shadow folk, those who make the big decisions and direct the patterns of our lives, is being revealed to the ‘ordinary’ people. mRNA products have resulted in excess death numbers which have never been seen in our entire history: no catastrophe, no war, no true plague have generated these death numbers; the Actuarial industry has revealed an excess death rate which beggars understanding.

Chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, weird white fibrous growths being pulled from blood vessels that have never been seen before, ever. 

The true scale of the consequences from this lab-produced, deliberately released pathogen and the coordinated response of international medical authorities has not yet been accurately calculated.

Meanwhile, we have World War Three underway, make no mistake there is conflict, bombing, missile attacks, mass slaughter being executed on several fronts: Ukraine, Gaza/Israel, Red Sea, we have social turmoil and unrestrained mass movements of young men from Africa, Middle-East, Eastern Europe all moving inexorably West; The British channel and the southern border of the United States are flooded with millions seeking the affluent life style of the rich Western power countries. We have the deliberate intentions of replacing the native ‘white populations’ with a tsunami of 3rd World migration.

What can we do?

Increasingly, if you dare to question any of this you are immediately labelled ‘Far Right’ and identified as being a domestic terrorist, Anti-Vaxxer, Conspiracy and misinformation theorist; however the dominion of media ownership has been challenged by the World Wide Web potential for independent publishing: social media is only a part of this, we have the ability to publish in a truly independent way that completely side-steps this vast censorship and narrative control. People are finally becoming aware of the power of communication, Podcasts, Blogs, and media projects that have no relationship with the major social media platforms.

Julian Assange, he of ‘Wikileaks’ fame has been identified as being the scapegoat for this independent journalism community, the CIA and the British intelligence community are determined to make an example of him, to signal to all of the citizen journalists and writers, the podcasting fraternity that if you persist with exposing the truth, if you have the affrontery to challenge the corporate media stories, if you divulge information and independent research results, promote science/medical/political publications which do not conform with the official line: you shall be exterminated from the social world, you shall be smeared and ridiculed, made unemployed, even stateless.

Snowden, another name of infamy, revealed far too much about the fabled NSA, official scrutiny of citizens, the campaign to label all dissent ‘Terrorism’.,

Our world has never been in such a state, we are all living precariously, the pretense that all is well, normal persists.

The only true recourse that we have is to resist day-by-day, increasingly economic communities such as the Farmers show the way, spraying manure on the authorities, dismantling police blockades and showing a united front, Truckies are refusing to supply specific cities; the vice of “Net Zero” is shown to be fallible, not so absolute in its choking pressure, people are indeed growing ever more angry, unwilling to bow before the juggernaut of the Green Billionaires, the corrupt and disdainful “elites”.

We might be vulnerable to their pathogens, their disgusting poisons masquerading as medicine, we might not have the leverage to completely over-turn their election wrangling and rigging, but in the final analysis we do have the sheer force of our collective will and the vast numbers to vanquish the great evil they have wrought; one way or another we are reaching the final chapters, at this point the conclusion is never certain, history shows us that “The People” always win the day.