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When we commence with Bitcoin, or indeed any of the variations among the Crypto world, we most often derive our ‘benefit’ from the simple comparative values with ‘Fiat’ currency, the mere fact that Bitcoin increases in comparative value with our conventional money, right?

This is all good, and more of a simple accident of circumstance than anything we might plan, or intend.

Then we begin to hear about all kinds of ‘strategy’, clever hacks if you like, which the trading community engages with, this is really what people tend to call ‘the next level’ and many of us are intimidated by this, mainly because we simply do not know anything about it!

That is the simple truth really, is it not?

When people lack clear understanding of a subject, they very often respond with anxiety, fear in other words, this is what drives so much of human conflict in general, because when we do finally arrive at an understanding all of this fear magically disappears, and we wonder why we felt such strong negativity.

Cryptocurrency offers us a learning experience, but true learning is never comfortable, it involves shifts in how we think, changes in our world view, and that is never a smooth operation!

You didn’t think Bitcoin could be philosophical did you?

There are ways to extend your potential earnings, and speculate on various aspects of Blockchain activity, and of course that comparison with USD/GBP/AU e.t.c

Many of the trading options can be automated, and packaged up into algorithms, various clever clogs build such platforms and present them for us gambling plebs to play with, HaasOnline is one such venture, these guys are impressive and among the more legitimate of Crypto Trading projects.

The kernel of this being that we can do more things with our Hodl than simply sit on it, this is entirely up to you, but speaking as an observer and journalist I can recommend looking a little more into these options, the little guy does not get a lot of traction or consideration in the elite circles of high finance, these IT inspired crypto ventures do offer us something real.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the old saying teaches us; don’t be intimidated, take some time to study these matters, you just might do yourself some good.

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