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Ethereum is growing fast

Ethereum is the name given to this cryptocurrency that is now second on the totem pole of all cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin remains as being the most fully developed and valued of them all, but we should not become too exclusive about our portfolio!

Anyway, Cloud mining is the logical option to choose if you do not have the resources to purchase a ‘farm’ of high powered crypto mining devices.

Genesis Cloud is a German tech project, these guys are frighteningly switched on and prepared for the considerable task of taking on the Crypto Currency world; they offer some incredible opportunities for you and I to mine Ethereum using up to the minute GPU devices located in the cloud.

If you know anything about AWS, the vast Amazon internet resources which powers some of the mightiest corporate/military/eCommerce entities in today’s high tech world, then you can grasp just what this cloud mining is based on, you can ‘spin up’ your very own instance of a GPU and have this working for you 24/7/365 mining some very valuable Ethereum to add to your Crypto wallet.

We love ‘FREE’ don’t we?

Well if you sign up in this Beta phase the good folks at Cloud Genesis give you $50 credit to get your personal Ethereum cloud miner activated, and working like a Trojan on your behalf.

There is no catch that I can see, this is just a matter of good timing, and being at the interesting stage of these new start ups, opportunity knocks at the beginning of every new era and epoch in human history, and just like Radio in the 1920’s, we have Internet ventures in the 2020’s.

Passive Ethereum mining without needing to invest in heaps of tech kit, and paying huge electricity bills? I wouldn’t mind a piece of that!


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