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promoting other media is a positive contribution
Journalistic Integrity is important

Greetings to you crypto curious reader! I hope you all had a pleasant break from your routine, and celebrated this festive season in a way conducive to positive outcomes.

You might have noticed that I tend to publish articles from around the ‘çryptosphere’ in addition to my own personally written materials, to some people this represents plagiarism, or journalistic poaching, I will explain why this is not the case.

All media companies tend to publish currently produced content, in fact magazine productions make it their entire modus operandi, gaining income from advertising, and presenting written/filmed and spoken content from a wide variety of producers; those of us who are independent journalists and pundits also do this, it is a healthy thing to do, promoting a broad range of views and opinion from the topic areas dealt with, right?

You might also notice that I do not publish a lot of advertising, I don’t have the ubiquitous Ádsense”that so many bloggers and media people rely on to provide an income; I am not a fan of advertising, unless it is integrity based, I dislike seeing adverts all over the web personally, and I bet you feel a similar revulsion?

We all have to make a living, this is the reality of our society, but we can choose to exercise some values in the ways we select to make that living, this identifies people and what they believe in, don’t you agree? Nothing shouts ‘Hypocrite’ quite so loudly as the web gurus who pretend to hold lofty ideals and preach about the appalling state of our world, and then ask you for money at every opportunity!

Each post on this publication has a clear link to the original source, you are invited to navigate to the Crypto blog that produced it, that is ‘fair play’ in my opinion, the additional value is found in the increased readership, and promotion of the Crypto space in general. This is my story, I stick to it.

A good friend of mine is a smoker of Tobacco, which is not something people like to admit to in these falsely puritan, health concerned times, in any case he prefers the high value of smoking a dark Tobacco mixture that is produced by a famous Dutch company, the variety he chooses forms a part of the ‘Drum’ Tobacco, which has the ‘Bright & Dark’ sub-title, his choice is the ‘Dark’ component, he says there are much less dubious chemicals in his choice, and he enjoys the experience: we should always seek out the value options!

So it is with media productions also, we have become a much more educated ‘public’ in these times, and we have the choice of many offerings on the World Wide Web, this has become so prevalent that swamp creatures are moaning about alternative media, and the dissemination of detailed information out there, instead of the carefully filtered and barbered narratives we are expected to accept and ingest into our daily information diet. When astute observers of our society make the case that we amidst an “Information War” I find myself nodding in vigorous agreement.

Seek out the highest value, don’t accept one pundit’s views as being the gospel, discourage yourself from being a camp follower and fan, take the wisdom from our sceptical forefathers who survived the world wars, don’t be quick to be convinced, take your own time and let’s rebuild our world with the tried/tested values which resulted in our western world becoming the highest expression of humanity, Happy New Year, I wish you all of the best. *How many posts have you seen claiming to reveal ‘what they are not telling you’? 

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