Alpha Impact Brings Professional Trading Strategies to Everyone

After over a decade of ups and downs, it finally seems like cryptocurrency is here to stay. The value of one bitcoin has risen to record levels, and a plethora of alternative cryptocurrencies have cropped up in its wake with the total market value of crypto rising to well over two trillion dollars today.

As crypto becomes more and more mainstream, accepted for transactions by both Paypal and Visa, knowing how to trade cryptocurrency will be an important asset for securing financial futures. However, learning the ins and outs of the crypto world can be a nightmare of missteps and mistakes as new traders navigate a whole new era of finance. Fortunately, this is where Alpha Impact can help save traders time and money on their journey towards success.

Gain Crypto Trading Knowledge Following Verified Experts

It’s a good idea to learn from someone who already knows a lot about cryptocurrency. However, finding someone to share their time and teach you what to do can be daunting. Alpha Impact, a crypto social trading platform, helps connect beginners with successful crypto traders, so you can learn from their decisions as well as follow in their footsteps. The platform allows you to copy the moves of seasoned and successful crypto pros in real-time, so you can learn from experience. You follow an expert in real-time, you execute the same trades as an expert in real-time, and you make real trades for real market returns.

Why would successful traders be so willing to share their strategies? The answer is quite simple: when using certain platforms, traders get rewarded for doing so. Within the last year, a whole new sector of finance, known as DeFi, or decentralized finance, has gained prominence beyond the scope of developers and crypto enthusiasts to become a booming $100 billion industry.

Some of the most valuable tokens and strategies for building wealth today are associated with DeFi, which means there’s more to learn about than just buying bitcoin. Thankfully, platforms like Alpha Impact have been developed to help the rest of the world get up to speed.

Alpha Impact Simplifies the Learning Curve to Success

The financial opportunities afforded by cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain technology are growing every day, and Alpha Impact provides the tools to help you get on board. After signing up, users can spend as little as $25 to shadow crypto pros and their every move through the various crypto markets that exist today.

Alpha Impact has vetted each of these traders, certifying them as genuine experts. Additionally, the platform tracks trades and transparently shows them to all users based on rank. This helps verify success while helping users choose from strategies like high-risk, high-reward and low-risk, stable-reward trading. This means you can find a strategy that best matches your comfort zone. Even if you already know a thing or two about trading, you can benefit from seeing options, futures, and leveraged trading in action before trying them out yourself.

A Safe Way to Learn to Trade

As for security, Alpha Impact is non-custodial, so no one, not even the platform itself, ever gains access to your funds. Your money remains in your exchange account or under your own custody at all times, even while you copy-trade. You can choose to give Alpha Impact rights to make trades on your behalf, but this only allows an API, or Application Programming Interface, to copy your expert’s moves in the market you’ve chosen to follow.

You know you can trust each of the traders on Alpha Impact since the platform uses institutional risk management protocols to follow each trader’s move. This helps ensure Alpha Impact can validate that each transaction is made in good faith. Additionally, when you let your assets follow expert hands, you can exit any position at any time of the day, which is more than you can say when dealing with a broker at an old school firm in traditional finance.

An Expert Matching Platform Developed by Experts

Alpha Impact has been developed with funding from some of the biggest names in crypto and DeFi: Antler, LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block, SMO Capital, and Solidity Ventures. Founded by Austin Chaird (15 years experience in banking tech) and Hayden Hughes ($500 million raised over 19 projects), Alpha impact is on a mission “to democratize crypto investing by removing barriers between top traders and those who seek to become top traders and allowing investors of all stripes the same trading power, whether they have 1 USDT or 1 BTC.” Alpha Impact’s token will be listed soon, and further details will be provided.

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