BSV-based DotWallet launches substantial upgrades for ‘Pro’ version users

DotWallet, a lightweight BSV-based crypto wallet, has announced the launch of a substantial upgrade. Version 2.5 of DotWallet now includes an enriched dApp ecosystem; while adding and improving features. Notably, in-app crypto swaps are now available for DotWallet Pro users. Moreover, the DotWallet team has improved security by optimizing the risk control module for wallet accounts and assets.

Upgrade Highlights for DotWallet v2.5

Swaps Now Available on the Pro Version

Since its release in the DotWallet web app, DotWallet Pro users have been keenly awaiting the Swap feature. Now in this latest update, DotWallet Pro users can enjoy multi-chain asset swaps. Powered by the third-party exchange Changelly, Swap enables users to effortlessly convert between popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and BSV.

Account Management Upgrade

The DotWallet team made improvements like syncing the account “security and payment” module of the Pro app and the web app, adding support for modifying phone numbers, email, payment password addresses, and unlinking WeChat, Google, and Facebook accounts. To make things easier for users, after the update, the system will synchronize the payment password of the web and the Pro version, that is, now a user’s payment password for the two apps will be the same.

Optimized Risk Control Module

Security is always a foremost consideration for users when considering a cryptocurrency wallet. This upgrade has optimized the Pro app risk control module. This module is able to establish a data analysis model based on user account information and user behavior. It can quickly detect and respond to risky behavior and implement flexible and secure risk control measures.

“Our team has and will continue to always put security first. We are continually and actively investing in risk control engineering, forming a protective wall around users’ assets. Building on the whirlwind of innovation in BSV blockchain technology, DotWallet continues to build a robust hub for blockchain services, providing diverse functions and experiences for users. We continue to accelerate the establishment of an honest BSV community ecosystem while expanding the possibilities of BSV wallets and apps.”
– The DotWallet Team

The new DotWallet Pro v2.5 is available on the official website, and Apple and Google Play stores,


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