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The increasing rate of adoption, and attention of Cryptocurrencies in the mainstream culture, along with the assimilation in the financial world has meant that the original intentions behind ‘Crypto’ has begun to be obscured; the wealthy ‘whales’ seem to have taken over the entire field, and the ingenuity of the Blockchain database is now being clawed back into the ‘house of Mammon’.

When Bitcoin first emerged in 2009, and the projects based on the new database technology were being developed, it was not the mainstream financial world driving this, it was completely independent entities, people who were seeking alternative ways of balancing the inequities of wealth, who were very much against the established order of the financial world!

So it is kind of ironic how the current Crypto scene is playing out, but perhaps this is a necessary stage it has has to go through, a preliminary stage prior to cryptocurrency becoming the way the world does business.

Meanwhile I am seeing plenty of people becoming involved who would not ordinarily be able to access financial investment, and certainly more ‘little guys’ making progress financially!

One aspect of the emerging Crypto scene is the growth of specialised Blogs, some of these are aimed at the ‘top end of town’, but increasingly there are a lot of independent commentators, and media projects dedicated to helping the ‘common man/woman’ to navigate this 21st Century and offer clarity, and also new opportunities to participate.

Projects such as  

Feedspot are providing the means for people to view up coming Blogs in the Crypto space, their Top 100 list is their very latest offering and very worthwhile taking a browse through!

When I first considered publishing a blog in this topic I was daunted by the number of large projects which had obviously attracted venture capital, and able to employ teams of writers, but there is always a place I feel for sincere work, and opportunities for ordinary people to learn more about this very dynamic and ever-growing cryptocurrency subject.


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