Lisk.js 2021 Recap

The day started with a speech from our CEO and Co-Founder, Max Kordek, featuring an introduction of Lisk and an overview of what to expect from the event. In addition, Max also showcased the major differences between Lisk.js 2019 and this year’s edition of our blockchain developer-focused event.

Introducing Lisk’s Interoperability Solution

Our Head of Research, Jan Hackfeld, took the stage to unveil and introduce Lisk’s interoperability solution, the main focus of Lisk.js 2021. Jan’s inclusive presentation included a new roadmap and phases for Lisk Interoperability, and a nutshell introduction on the topic. Following Jan’s presentation, our Research Scientists covered topics such as:

The first part of the event concluded with some thoughts from our Head of Research, who returned on stage to discuss the next steps for Lisk Research.

Next Steps for Development

Following Jan’s insightful presentation, our Lead Backend Developer, Manu, went on stage to present “Road towards Mainnet v3”, providing an inclusive overview of Lisk’s planning and development process, and details regarding product updates required for the Lisk Core 3.0.0 testnet release.

You can watch our Development team presentation to learn more about our final steps before Mainnet Migration, our next interoperability objectives, as well as Lisk’s next SDK objectives, moving forward.

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