NFT wallet and marketplace provider Arkane Network rebrands to Venly

Arkane Network, a wallet service that can be integrated into any app and a multi-blockchain NFT marketplace., today announced a rebranding to Venly.

The move positions the project formerly known as Arkane Network as a blockchain tech provider offering wallet services, NFT marketplace, development APIs, and other NFT tools.

Back in April, the project raised €1.55M. Now, Venly (previously Arkane Network) aims for additional growth and is hiring for various roles.

“Today is a big day for Arkane Network. We are proud and excited to announce that we are rebranding to Venly and strengthening our positioning as blockchain tech provider. We’ll need more than this to achieve our mission. That’s why we recently raised over €2M to continue building our products, acquiring users and of course growing our team of blockchain engineers as well as business developers. With our new brand we also want to invest more in the end users; positioning ourselves as a preferred partner and product in B2B as well as B2C.”
– Tim Dierckxsens, Co-Founder & CEO of Venly (previously Arkane Network)

NFT Service Provider

With Venly’s digital wallets as its first service offering, the team helped leading blockchain gaming projects (including The Sandbox) onboard more than 200K users.

Moreover, a few months back, Venly launched a user-friendly NFT marketplace designed as a traditional P2P market, and the team recently started helping classic gaming and e-commerce businesses create and sell digital assets with its NFT tools and market APIs.

The Venly Offering

Founded in 2018 as Arkane Network, Venly is a blockchain tech provider focused on three main products:

  1. Venly Wallets: With the wallet services, Venly helps blockchain projects onboard their users with blockchain agnostic wallets.
  2. Venly Market & APIs: The Venly Market is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. With its market APIs projects are able to build an NFT marketplace backed by Venly’s technology.
  3. Venly NFT Tools: Offering the tools to build fast and securely. From minting tools to a complete asset management system for Unity or webshop plugins to scale fast.

Partners & Clients

As of today, Venly services 100+ projects and has partnered with Polygon, Binance, Avalanche, and Hedera as preferred tech providers. Other main clients include projects like The Sandbox, Aavegotchi, Battle Racers, IOI Trade Race Manager, Ethermon, Neon District, Cryptopick, AMPnet, and many more.

Near Term Roadmap

As an agnostic blockchain tech provider; Venly says it will continue adding support for new blockchains to its wallet and marketplace. In the coming months, Venly will focus on its market APIs and USDC launch. The Venly team is also working on adding new NFT tools and supporting tools built by its community.

Brand NFTs

To celebrate the rebranding, Venly has created some new NFTs of its old and new logo just for fun. Anyone will be able to purchase these collector items on the Venly Market in short order. The holders of these NFTs might get rewarded in the future, but for now, it’s just for show.


In the past months, three hires have joined the Venly team. Nico as VP of Engineering, Jeffrey as Finance Controller, and Yan, as CMO. As mentioned, the team is currently looking for new hires, specifically extra front-end engineers, analysts as well as community managers, and business developers.


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