Trading software Sol-3 connects to bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) derivatives exchange Deribit

Sol-3, a German-based independent trading software solution provider, announced it has established a connection to cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit. With the new hook-up, Sol-3 now supports trading in futures and options based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users of Sol-3 trading software can utilize click-trading and also automatic algorithmic trading to arbitrate, provide liquidity, and hedge.

“This is another interesting market segment with great trading potential, especially for our customers to use their experience and knowledge of the Sol-3 trading tools and expand their market share in new trading products by just plugging in additional connectivity. It also proves that our Sol-3 software components operates reliably in new product segments and can easily grow with the requirements of our clients.”
– Norbert Geus, Managing Partner Sol-3

Deribit is a crypto futures and options exchange based in Panama City, Panama. Deribit was the first to launch European-style cash-settled options on BTC and ETH; and has pioneered functionalities such as multi-instrument block trading, market maker protection, and portfolio margin for crypto derivatives.

“Deribit is very pleased to welcome Sol-3 as a software solution to our platform as it is an attestation of the growing interest from traditional trading firms in our market. Sol-3 has a long history in market making solutions and a large experienced client base. Especially due to the growth of our options segment we see a lot of demand coming from the traditional trading space looking to enter the crypto opportunities.”
– Luuk Strijers Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Deribit

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